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Latical Project Proposal

St Martin Travel Digital Marketing Plan


St Martin is a boutique travel agency and the birth child of Giovianni, an experienced travel professional. 

Your services permeate your passion to deliver a unique experience to your clients, and you do so by ensuring you understand their needs to the T, and making them feel special thanks to exceptional service levels from the quoting stage, all the way to when your clients are travelling.

St Martin is a personal brand, you have built your client base by word of mouth and referrals, and we want to communicate your unicity in your website design, and in your overall communication across digital mediums.

My passion to deliver bespoke, high touch services is the same, from the moment we collaborate. I do so by delivering an exceptional user experience to your potential clients, and growth results for you.

I can't wait to walk with you every step of the way!


With Hamza, my creative partner, we would like to propose a rebranding exercise to align your logo with your service offering and hit those high marks we want to achieve. 

We will then redesign your website, St Martin is a personal brand as mentioned above, so our goal will be to design a website which acts as a secondary touch point, and welcomes a future client (who knows about you) on a journey about what St Martin stands for, (your ethos) excite them about what you can offer and assert your reputation and educate them on possible extensions, ultimately leading them to enquire and book with you.

Your website look and feel will convey elegance in simplicity, with a focus on dynamic visuals, movement. 

Finally, we will leverage your new website to grow your potential client base and keep your current clients engaged and excited via content marketing and social media communication.

Recap of the goals we look to achieve:

Website Goals:

  • Excite and Inspire your future clients with:

An elegant, simple interface, with strong focus on dynamic visuals, video content

Stricking messaging with a focus on the client's experience

  • Educate and upsell 

Showcase possible trips

Up sell by inviting the visitor to explore experiences, as add ons (in the business or luxury pages)

  • Engage and lead to enquire

A well thought out and engaging user experience, taking the potential client on a journey

Roll out of social media and content marketing campaigns

Content marketing and Social Media Goals:

  • Build your brand reach and engagement

Proactive, targeted and consistent communication is essential to grow your potential client base



St Martin Brand Refresh

Deliver modern, elegant looking logo
Use St Martin wording
Deliver Final Artwork

EUR 350

St Martin Website Design

- Market research
- Wireframes
Website Design* using Wix, with supplied copy and approved page structure
- Copywriting - English
- Content upload 
- QC included
*No coding required

EUR 3,495.00

SEO Set Up

On and off site SEO Set Up tasks include:
- Keywords research (based on relevance, demand, competition and using various tools to do so)
- Feed site copy content with relevant keywords
- Implement header content best practices (Meta title and meta description - title published in the SERP)
- Set up of google my business
- Test and optimize how google sees and renders your content, improve on this prior to go live of site.

EUR 450.00

Latical Social - Monthly Social Campaign

Latical Social Starter:

Once Off
- Page Set- up
- Templates Design X 4

On going - Content Plan generation:
- 8 to 10 posts in total on Facebook and Instagram
- Total maximum posts created: 10

Social Posts creation:
- Image selection
- Image refitting
- Inclusion in templates

Posts Scheduling and publication

Content Marketing:
Once Off:
- Email Set Up: Creative X 1
On going:
- Monthly Emails X 1: set up and publication
- Core content provided by yourself, copy written by myself.

Latical Social Starter Plan is a month to month plan that can easily be renewed or cancelled within 30 days notice prior to the next calendar month.

Note: The Latical Social Starter Plan excludes the management of social media posts. If this is something you would like, we'd be happy to chat with you about our Social Premium Plan which includes post management and a whole lot more.

EUR 700.00

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