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Latical Project Proposal

Manda Bay


Manda Bay is a stunning boutique lodge located on the northern tip of Manda Island in the Lamu archipelago on Kenya’s coast. Manda Bay draws its uniqueness from it's secluded stunning location and its consideration for the environment, which permeates in it’s services to its guests, making this destination spot an ideal getaway for clients seeking an unmatched, private experience considerate of nature.

Manda Bay is looking to refresh it’s web offering to convey the brand’s true value, and channel enquiries to it’s website, leading to increased direct enquiries and bookings.

Manda Bay is also looking for a solution to manage bookings more efficiently and seamlessly. Our user experience must therefore strike the right balance and allow for automation of bookings, while leaving space for manual intervention where relevant.

Finally, this is a perfect opportunity to cross market with the Safari Conservation Company, with subtle references to common initiatives on your website and social media platforms.


At Latical, our focus is to take your potential clients on a journey about what Manda Bay is, what its offering stands for and make them fall in love with the product, ultimately leading them to enquire or book!

Further, our highly collaborative approach ensures that my clients, project teams and partners are always pulling in the same direction and towards the same goals. 

We will revisit your brand presence across the digital mediums to convey it's true value, thereafter our focus will be to drive traffic to your refreshed website  and primary touch point, generating increased direct business.

Website Design goals:

  • Build brand love, trust and credibility

With a seamless and unified user experience*

With exceptional interface reflecting a strong branding

  • Expand brand reach

Fine tuned SEO - get found on the web

  • Better control incoming enquiries (we qualify the leads)

  • Funnel traffic to SCC (Cross marketing)

Use conservation initiatives as common denominator between sites

The above goals will ultimately generate increased direct business

*We are currently investigating the possibility to customize Knightsbridge’s user interface (booking page) to reflect Manda Bay’s latest look and feel. Alternatively, we would be happy to explore alternatives, based on your booking requirements allowing for a more seamless and enjoyable booking experience.

Your web presence now established, we will strategically funnel traffic to it, using the following outreach methods:

  • Content marketing

  • Determine different campaigns according to client base type

  • Prioritize existing base, generate new leads

  • Social Media Communication

  • Plan and roll out monthly content plans to build trust, credibility and drive traffic to your website.



Website Design

Design, build and populate site with approved content and page structure
Online booking integration
Web Design using Wix
QC - Upload to staging server
Testing, bug fixing
Go live

Includes Copywriting @ USD180

USD 3,360.00

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO Set up

USD 515.00

Latical Social - Starter Monthly Plan

Once Off*:
- Pages Set- up
- Templates Design X 4

On going - Content Plan generation:
- 12 to 14 posts in total on Facebook and Instagram
- Total maximum posts created: 14

Social Posts creation:
- Image selection
- Image refitting
- Inclusion in templates

Posts Scheduling and publication

Content Marketing:

Once Off*:
- Email Set Up: Creative X 2

On going:
- Monthly Emails X 2: set up and publication
- Email marketing system utilized
- Content provided by Manda Bay

USD 995.00


Please note that the changes made to the scope of services may affect budgets.
This proposal is valid 30 days from date of receipt.
Once off deliverables in starter pack are free of charge, subject to minimum roll out of starter plan for 3 months.

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