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Latical Project Proposal

Labelle Kalinda


Labelle Kalinda is an exciting startup with the potential to grow into a leading online make up accessories store for the Rwanda and surrounding countries market.

The idea originated from the thought of wanting to offer easy access to a wide range of beauty product accessories to females with limited time and access to physical store locations.

This becomes all the more relevant with Covid restrictions, requiring the user to veer to online purchasing options.

Labelle Kalinda is looking for a trusted partner to support its business expansion and build a leading online accessories store in Rwanda and surrounding markets.


At Latical, our focus is to take your potential clients on a journey about what Labelle Kalinda is, what its offering stands for, and make them fall in love with the product, ultimately leading them to purchase from your website!

Further, our highly collaborative approach ensures that my clients, project teams and partners are always pulling in the same direction and towards the same goals.

Our approach will consist in unpacking market opportunities and challenges, while identifiying your Brand Voice and personanlity in a Discovery Phase in order to inform our roll out strategy.

Our Discovery Phase will include the documentation of a Marketing Strategy, which will include:

  • SWOT Overview

  • Communication Strategy

  • Target Markets

  • Brand Voice and personality

  • Outline of Launch strategy

  • Branding exercise

  • Social media Campaign Strategy

  • Outline of campaign approach (organic followed paid)

  • Outline of campaign objectives, scope, process and timelines




- Communication Strategy
- Launch Strategy

EUR 900.00


Once off*:
Social Media pages set up:
- Copy X 2
- Creative template X 2
Creative Posts Creative Templates:
- 4 X creative templates

Content Plan generation:
- 12 to 14 posts in total on Facebook and Instagram
- Total maximum posts created: 14

Social Posts creation:
- Image selection
- Image refitting
- Inclusion in templates

Posts Scheduling and publication

EUR 995.00


- Deliver New Brand identity
Strategic advertising messaging:
- Primary and secondary messaging

EUR 1,350.00


Changes made to the scope of services may affect budgets.
This proposal is valid 30 days from date of receipt.

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