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Latical Project Proposal

Japan Ksperten & Inbound Travel Digital Marketing plan


Eastern Travel and Tours is a family run Travel business based in Norway and proposes travels worldwide to individuals looking for an end to end travel assistance.

Eastern Tours has ventured into specialized outbound travel with a focus on Japan, and is developing inbound travel offering, in quality of DMC.

Now is a perfect time to refresh your current Japan Ksperten website to truly reflect your upmarket offering,  attract and wow the right potential clients, and deliver that exceptional user experience leading to increased enquiries and sales.

It's also great timing to build your Inbound brand with the design of a logo and website, in order to align on looks and feel and cross market both brands in as much as possible.

Your focus is on building bespoke, customer centric trips  and we know how this requires time and effort, our focus is to help you deliver a premier user experience in order to grow your client base and streamline your quoting process.


At Latical, we are here to walk with you every step of the way to build your dreams, into a successful business using our skills, creativity and dedication.

Our focus is to take your potential clients on a journey about what your brand(s) stand for, and make them fall in love with your offering, ultimately leading them to enquire and book with you.

Our key goals, and acting pillars in our digital marketing initiatives are to:

  • Build Your Brands' love, trust and credibility

With a refreshed branding aligned to the brands' offering, and exceptional, premier web design and user experience to convey their upmarket offering.

  • Build aligned looks and feel and messaging across both websites - Mirror sites

To provide a sense of continuity, inspire credibility and upsell

  • Build Brand Reach and Engagement

Roll out of social media and content marketing campaigns to build your pool of leads and clients

  • Ultimately, generate additional business

Here's our plan on how to achieve this..



Japan Ksperten Rebranding

- Design upmarket logo
- Develop advertising messaging used in website and on social media
- Final Artwork, Brand sheet

EUR 350

Japan Ksperten and Inbound Travel Websites Design

- Market research
- Wireframes
- Website Design* using Wix, with supplied copy and approved page structure
- Content upload 
- QC included
*No coding required

EUR 3,495.00 per website or EUR 6,000.00 X 2 Websites

Inbound Travel Branding

- Design upmarket logo
- Develop advertising messaging used in website and on social media
- Final Artwork, Brand sheet

EUR 350

SEO Set Up X 2 Websites

On and off site SEO Set Up tasks include:
- Keywords research (based on relevance, demand, competition and using various tools to do so)
- Feed site copy content with relevant keywords
- Implement header content best practices (Meta title and meta description - title published in the SERP)
- Set up of google my business
- Test and optimize how google sees and renders your content, improve on this prior to go live of site.

EUR 900.00 ( EUR 450 X2)

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