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Latical Project Proposal

Bcompact Digital Marketing Proposal V2


Bcompact is an exciting Design House based in Sydney, Australia and founded by Zev Bianchi, creator of the patented side folding stair system.

Zev's birth child offers high quality crafted and environmentally friendly furniture inspired by european flair and engineering precision.

Bcompact is the result of a perfect marriage of form and function, exceptional design and functionality.

Bcompact focuses on 2 core offerings:

  • Patented stairs system - custom fit to clients requirements

  • Furniture collection - manufactured on demand

Bcompact has experienced an incredibly exciting growth curve of 360% over the past year, following the publication of a video showcasing the patented stair system.

The surge in enquiries has come as a terrific surprise and an interesting challenge from an operational standpoint, the team having to manage a flow of enquiries with 2 to 10% conversion rates.

This surge has also deprioritized the 2 other service pillars of Bcompact, which we are now looking to address..

We are at a very exciting turning point in Bcompact’s growth cycle, and have the opportunity to assist in scaling the business by repositioning the offering online, in order to tap into the growth opportunities the 3 pillar services offer.


Our focus is to take your audience on a journey about whom Bcompact is, inspire them with what your brand stands for, and make them fall in love with the products, ultimately facilitating the purchasing process.

Build Brand Credibility

  • Establish your brand

  • Strategic positioning

  • Establish Brand offering digitally

  • Website: Designed to make your offering stand out and inspire the user on an exceptional experience

  • Build brand content: continued communication of brand products and ethos

Build Brand Reach

  • Ensure searchability (SEO)

  • Targeted marketing (paid media)

Engage with Target Market

  • Engage with your growing audience

  • Collect input on latest aspirations

Generate Business

  • Generate sales across all 3 offerings

These objectives inform our deliverables which we will tackle in a phased approach, each deliverable contributes towards the achievement of our marketing plan.

Now to achieve the above...



Bcompact Website Design

- Market research
- User journey
- Wireframing
- Design with supplied content and approved page structure, Web Design using Wix
- Content upload
- QC included

AUD 7,140.00

Bcompact Branding

- Bcompact Brand positioning and messaging
- Primary and secondary messages

AUD 310,00

Art Direction: Website Content

X 3 Videos: Stairway, ladder, chair
- Concept
- Storyboard,
- Moodboard
- Communication and coordination with production on site

AUD 1,327.00

SEO Set Up

On and off site SEO tasks:
- Keywords research (based on relevance, demand, competition and using various tools to do so)
- Feed site copy content with relevant keywords
- Set up of google my business
- Meta title and meta description ( title published in the SERP)
- Test and optimize how google sees and renders your content, improve on this.

AUD 681.00

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