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Design. Development. Strategy.


Welcome to Latical. By being here, you've taken your first step toward building a better and brighter future for you and your business.

Here at Latical, we believe in vision. We also believe in execution. That's why we use creativity, skill 

and dedication to transform your business into a successful brand.

Lateral thinking___ 

Vertical integration |

Our process is simple.

1. Contact us

2. Call scheduled

3. Assessment

4. Proposal sent

5. You approve

6. Work begins

Who we are.

What we offer.



We combine our Brand Strategy expertise and creative juices to conceptualize and Design a compelling brand that makes you stand out. We make sure to equip you with striking messaging and design to position your offering like no other in the market!

Our agile approach invites for a streamlined and collaborative process, to bring your concept to life in no time. 


Design and integrations

Our track record in delivering successful complex Web Design projects allows us to deliver on all UX/UI requirements. Our team’s creative juices and ability to conceptualize your needs quickly and accurately calls for outputs which just not only hit the spot, but over deliver on agreed goals.


From complex Websites, WebApps you name it, we’ve got your back.


Digital Growth Strategists

We don’t only build you a presence identity and web presence, we work with you as your digital brand strategists. We approach your brand growth holistically and deliver a strategy to achieve it.

You can sit back and relax knowing that we’ve thought of every piece of the puzzle, pulling all the expert partners in the same direction to achieve your brand growth. Social media, content marketing, paid media and SEO/SEA are all methods we select carefully to build your brand Awareness and Credibility and ultimately reach, leading to increased sales.

We’re always thinking two steps ahead to help you build a brand that stands out and sustains.


Customer centric approach

Our focus is you, and while we make a point to ensure that we carry your brand aspirations and business goals throughout our digital initiatives, we make sure to check in on key milestones and align every step of the way.

That’s the beauty of working with a young, boutique size agency, each and every of our clients has a voice and is heard throughout the journey.


End to end Project Management

Our team is not only composed of talented senior UX specialists, but prides itself in its project management abilities which are key to ensuring that the agreed deliverables are achievable against timelines.

We articulate your requirements impeccably and embrace your company vision to deliver outstanding results on time, so that you can initiate your journey as planned.

Our collaboration process is made easy and breezy thanks to a bunch of user friendly design and project management tools.


Product Concept | Web Design | App Design


Web Design


Product Concept | Web Design | App Design


Product Concept | Web Design | App Design

Anna Gehlhaar

Web Design

Some of our work.

Hover over images to see more.


Some of our work.

Tap or hover over images to see more.


Product Concept | Web Design | App Design

Sustainly makes it quick and easy to find healthy and sustainable meals anywhere you are.


Web Design

UCHOOSE is a revolutionary self discovery program that helps us all understand that life isn’t about what happens – it’s about what you do with what happens.


Product Concept | Web Design | App Design

Vocale is a social discovery app that lets you connect with people who love to do the things you do.


Product Concept | Web Design | App Design

Homesoon is a groundbreaking project that uses storytelling and blockchain technology to alleviate and eradicate homelessness.

Anna Gelhaar

Web Design

The Global Property Professional. Meet one of RE/MAX Global & RE/MAX South Africa’s top performing Realtors.

The Vertical Integrator

SASCHA LAMY - Director of Operations

Before devoting herself to Latical, Co-founder Sascha Lamy served in the travel trade, where she fine tuned her experience and knowledge of the industry’s requirements.

Sascha then devoted her attention to high end digital marketing initiatives. Her combined experience and passion for the travel trade resulted in the birth of Latical.

The Lateral Thinker

HAMZA GANGAT - Creative Director

Hamza is a product designer, conceptualizer and avid tech fan. Having developed and built his own products over the years, Hamza understands what it takes to deliver on a high quality product from start to finish. 

He has a never ending sense of curiosity for what's possible and always endeavors to ensure every idea, feature and design has been carefully thought out and crafted. Examples of this can be seen in the Latical portfolio. 

Latical began not as a business, but as a need. We know the journey our clients are on because we've lived it ourselves. This gives us a unique perspective on how to help take them to new heights. 

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